WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT inspired by the 1988 Robert Zemeckis Touchstone/Amblin film Original screenplay by Jeffrey Price & Peter S. Seaman Film adapted from “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” by Gary K. Wolf

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"I Don't Work For Toons"

Hollywood, 1947. A world in which animated film stars, known as “toons,” co-exist in reality alongside their human counterparts. Private eye Eddie Valiant is down on his luck. He’s still deeply affected by the loss of his brother, Teddy, his best friend and longtime partner on the beat, who was tragically murdered when an unknown Toon dropped a piano on his head. Eddie has sworn off Toon gigs altogether and turned to the bottle, and as a result, his work - and his resources - have gone dry.

It’s late morning and Eddie’s sipping the last of his whiskey, reading yesterday’s newspaper at the desk of his office-slash-apartment, which, like Eddie, has seen better days.

"It's Gonna Be Fine"

VALIANT meets with studio honcho R.K. Maroon, who claims that Maroon Cartoons star ROGER RABBIT is underperforming on the job because his wife, JESSICA RABBIT, is up to no good. Wary of Toons but desperate for cash, EDDIE agrees to photograph JESSICA in an act of infidelity, and indeed, gets the pictures Maroon seeks.

With VALIANT at his side, MAROON brings ROGER into his office to deliver the harsh news: JESSICA RABBIT has been caught playing “pattycake” (literally!) with Marvin Acme. (Yes, that Acme). ROGER does not take it well.


A long brick wall is all that divides greater L.A. from Toontown, the wacky, colorful cartoon city in which all toons reside. On the border sits the Acme Warehouse, stocked with every Toon gag and gizmo, from “portable holes” to anthropomorphic “squeaking shoes.” It’s here that Marvin Acme is found, murdered: done in by a falling safe. ROGER RABBIT is presumed guilty, but VALIANT is skeptical and visits the crime scene, over which Toontown’s corrupt JUDGE DOOM is already looming. When his authority is challenged by Valiant, DOOM insists his unique brand of justice - the employment of a lethal chemical mix of paint thinners, known as “The Dip” - is the only way to make Toons “respect the law.”

"It Stinks!"

Following his visit to the warehouse where Acme's been found murdered (and corrupt law enforcement seems all too ready to blame Roger Rabbit for the crime), private detective EDDIE VALIANT returns to his office/apartment to find he has a visitor. It’s Roger’s long-time co-star and friend, BABY HERMAN, who appears to be a sweet, cartoon infant, but is actually a gruff, low-voiced, cigar-chomping, middle-aged man. He’s on a mission.  


"Drawn That Way"

Later, EDDIE is paid a visit to his office by Roger’s wife, JESSICA RABBIT, an astonishingly sexy Toon woman. Despite VALIANT’s apparently damning photographs, JESSICA insists she was set up, as was ROGER, and as such, compels EDDIE to clear ROGER’s name. However, in light of her apparent actions - and the provocative way in which she is depicted - EDDIE questions why he should trust her.